Modern Radiators

Modern radiators

Among modern radiators, along with stainless steel heaters, aluminum radiators have conquered the market with their advantages.

  • Why choose modern radiators?

Aluminum radiators have enhanced thermal power and pressure are molded from a special aluminum alloy which is designed to improve convective heat emission by increasing the coil fins that are in direct connection with heating contact surfaces.

Special aluminum alloy with a low thermal inertia reduces installation time required to achieve optimum performance, provides high resistance to corrosion and is lightweight, which facilitates installation. Resistance to corrosion makes the life of aluminum radiators to be virtually unlimited.

  • The technical process of modern radiator production

Each radiator is coated with polymerized epoxy powders at 200 ° C and must pass a double hydro-pneumatic pressure test, first individually and then in the block. The radiators are also subject to a meticulous control of the thickness and other dimensions.

The connections are 1″, allowing direct binding taps on both classical systems and in the mono tube, eliminating the need subs and decreasing the time required installation.

Smaller sizes (made possible by improving thermal performance) have sober and elegant line giving the aluminum radiator the layout and design features that allow them to integrate seamlessly into any style of interior decoration.

The warranty period for aluminum radiator elements can reach up to 15 years.

Aluminum radiators are heating elements obtained by casting a special aluminum alloy, composed of elements tested on hydraulic test pressure of 9 bars, individually and in bulk.

  • The composition of modern radiators

They’re consisting of elements assembled with nipples, which guarantees high flexibility in exploiting available space to their location. Heat as easily as the stainless steel radiators. Their advantage is that the number of elements may vary. Also, keep in mind that aluminum and copper form an electrochemical couple strong enough, because it is not recommended using copper pipes with them, as electrochemical corrosion occurs inside the radiator.

Aluminum radiators have the basic element entity. It can form a variable length radiator, depending on how many additions are added. The elements are connected between them with special nipples which are threaded on one end and the other end left hand thread. Putting a nipple between two elements, tightening will occur near the item. It can be used for insulation or gaskets tow. The transfer coefficient of aluminum radiator is higher than that of the stainless steel heater. The price is generally higher compared with that obtained from the same surface from a stainless steel radiator.

  • Advantages of modern radiators:

– The high conductivity material allows rapid heating of premises with a minimum consumption of heat;

– Aluminum is a material more economical than cast iron; aluminum radiators were able to cover most of the market;

– The malleability of the material allows the creation of diverse models, with a design that can be easily harmonized with the rest of the house;

– Items are very loose, so radiators can be easily mounted even on less resistant structures.

  • Disadvantages modern radiators:

– They are less quiet than cast iron, the noise of the water circuit is not recommended for use in environments that require maximum concentration;

– Once stop the heating, is cool quickly and fail to maintain thermal comfort in the environment they are placed;

– Are more sensitive to shocks and can be deformed, so that steps must be performed by carefully handling;

– For a correct and efficient operation of their frequency, ventilation is required.



Aluminum has exceptional properties that allow the release of heat. With a high conductivity, aluminum radiators react quickly to temperature variations of the fluid as it passes. Due to the peculiarities and low water consumption, not energy intensive, on the contrary, they’re one of the best modern radiators choices.

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